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Muscongus Bay Ladies Camping Trip 7/10- 7/12

Shari G

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9 of us set out for 3 days in Muscongus Bay. We were fortunate enough to have perfect summer weather... Sunny days, cool nights, calm seas, and light breezes. Additionally, the Mosquitos were in short supply!!

We launched in several pods from Friendship ME and headed over to Ames Island to set up camp. From Ames Island we had the whole bay to explore!

Each day we broke up into two pods, which offered options based on goals and energy levels. Regardless of which route was chosen, wildlife abounded: we saw numerous gulls, bald eagles, osprey, guillemots and various diving ducks, seals....

One day our pod ventured out to Eastern Rock to see the puffin colony! On the return paddle we encountered loads of seals with pups, and several harbor porpoises! Nancy had planned our paddle to coincide with the tide, which helped us out and back- a stroke of genius. The second pod made numerous circumnavigation a around the many islands within the bay.

It was a fabulous trip with magnificent scenery and fun company. Thanks to Katherine for organizing!! Photos will soon be posted! Ladies, feel free to jump in with more details!!

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