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Ladies Camping Trip


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A Ladies Camping Trip has been finalized.

WHEN: July 10-12 (Friday - Sunday)

WHERE: We will be staying at a Campground in MidCoast Maine. The campground has sites on a nearby island which is where we will be setting up. Most sites hold 2 tents but sites are limited, obviously. I will not be making reservations for the group and collecting $. Reservations may be made by the individuals. I will create an email chain to allow us to coordinate general info and sharing sites and carpooling if desired.

WHAT YOU NEED: A current MITA membership a we will be visiting MITA islands, an active NSPN membership, a sea kayak and a positive attitude and a love of fun.

WHAT NOW: When you can commit ~ RSVP on the calendar and either PM or email me (kelticwoman3 at Gmail . com) with your details (email & experience).

The location will allow us to paddle in protected waters and to be a little adventurous.

Looking forward to seeing the Maine sky at night, good food, great paddling and wonderful company!

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