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Solstice Paddle L2 and L2+ Trips: Saturday June 20th


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Solstice Paddle L2 and L2+
 Trips Saturday, June 20th

PeterBrady, Sal Puglisi, Leslie Beale, Dee Cleary: initiators

The Solstice L2 and L2+ trips are part of the traditional NSPN Solstice Paddle on June 20th in Marblehead.

The L2 trip, stays in the protected areas around Marblehead Harbor, and Dolliber Cove , at the head of Marlehead Harbor, with the option to venture a bit further along Marbehead neck or up towards Salem sound, depending on conditions and the preferences of the group. Total mileage will be @ 6 naut. miles.


L2+ Trip is for people who would like a bit more exposure and longer mileage than the L2 trip, but prefer something more mellow and shorter mileage than the L3 paddle, which usually goes over to Bakers island.Total mileage will be @ 8 nautical miles.
Peter Brady, Sal Puglisi, Dee Cleary and Leslie Beale will be along and we will determine at the beach briefing who will go with the L2 group if needed.

Meet at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead, 10:00am for beach briefing, and a 10:30am launch: we will initially meet together with the L2 group, and probably launch together.

We will proceed to the mouth of Marblehead Harbor where we may part ways with the L2 group and, depending on the weather, group size and preferences, either cross Salem Harbor to the Willows, where we’ll stop for lunch, and return by the same route, or cross to Children's Island and stop there for lunch, and return by the same route.
The L2+ total mileage will be about 8 Naut. miles. 

Depending on group size, we have a number of options: if group size is small we can combine with the L2 paddle, if group size is large we will stick to the L2+ float plan. 
We'll return to Riverhead Beach by @ 3pm, to get our boats squared away and get changed for the grand potluck under the pavilion at Devereaux Beach, just across the road from Riverhead Beach.

Please PM (personal message) PeterB with an RSVP for either the L2 or the L2+ trip

You can PM Peter Brady (PeterB on the message board) if you have questions about the trip. 
Looking forward to seeing you!

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