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2015 Schedule for Pinniped Kayak

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The 2015 event schedule is now available on the Pinniped Kayak website. From Tidal Currents to expeditions along the Bold Coast - take a look at the trainings and adventures we have planned, and let us know what catches your interest, or if there’s something else you’d like us to offer.

Since many of our students travelled quite a distance to paddle with us last season, I’ve made an attempt to cluster classes by skill level, so that those wishing to sample some of the “best-of-the-region” can take part in a handful of classes while visiting. For example between July 6th and 9th I plan to teach Rocks & Ledges, Tidal Currents, and Incident Management, followed by a Journey in the Petit Manan area (puffins!). You’ll find groupings like this throughout the calendar this year to allow you to get the most out of a visit to the area.

We have also expanded our Journey series for 2015. These courses-on-the-move provide the opportunity to apply the skills you’ve been working on, and refine them in the context of exploring some stunning paddling destinations in our area. These journeys range in length from single day itineraries to a week-long training expedition along the easternmost coastline of the United States.

I hope you all find someplace warm to paddle this winter (whether that’s in the pool, or the tropics) and I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year, paddling in Downeast Maine.

Nate Hanson

Pinniped Kayak




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Having spent some time on the water with Nate has proved to be a most rewarding experience. His detailed analytical and hands on approach boosts the learning curve while enjoying a low pressure environment.

Guaranteed to be a positive experience for all those that take advantage of Nate's courses.


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