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Squam Lake Camping Trip - Oct 3 - 5


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A few photos from a great weekend camping on Bowman Island in Squam Lake.

Gary, thank you for organizing a terrific time!

Nancy preparing to launch at Piper Cove.


Liz and Beth packing their hatches in Piper Cove.


The paddling team planning the Grand Tour of Squam Lake. Don't you just love Peter's hat!


Liz, Shari and Sherry enjoying the morning paddle.


Shari looking very happy.


Peter repenting for his many sins in the front pew on Church Island. Peter is surrounded by the NSPN angels.


Gary seeking divine intervention to save Peter's soul!


Paddling buddies enjoying lunch in Rattlesnake Cove.

post-101565-0-58744900-1412543430_thumb. post-101565-0-74062300-1412543555_thumb.

Warren retreated into his tent to avoid being photographed. Nice tent, nice tarp!


In the attached thumbnail, we see Beth slogging thru the mud to join the other three sloggers; Liz, Judy and Warren. What fun!


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What a beautiful area... full of wonderful coves and islands, surrounded by mountains. Hearing the loons day and night was a real treat, as was the company! Sorry you guys missed the Sunday morning swim and warm up in the sun (just Beth and I). It was a great way to cap off the weekend!

Love the photos :-)

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