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2014 NSPNers General Meeting & Paddle Sunday Sept. 28th, Gould Barn, Topsfield


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NSPN General Meeting & Post-General Meeting Paddle

Sunday Sept .28th


Gould Barn and Pavilion Beach, Ipswich

All NSPN members are welcome to gather at Gould Barn in Topsfield for our annual NSPN General Meeting.

As is our tradition , in the autumn, we have a group event which gives the entire cub the opportunity to get together, talk about things, and paddle together afterwards.

The meeting will start at 9:30AM

for @ 30-40 minutes, the President of the Board of Directors will give an informational update on such topics as:

Club finances (how much money we have what we spend it on) review of 2013 events , and the NSPN year in review.

Afterwards, we can answer questions and talk about most anything people want to talk about.

This is a great opportunity for member input and discussion about what we have done in 2014 , what we would like to do in the coming year etc. . As you an imagine, there have been some lively discussions in the past. ..

after the meeting, we will... paddle together!

The meeting will end around noon , and we will relocate to Pavilion beach in Ipswich (about 20 minutes away), aiming to arrive at @ 12:30PM , for a 1:00Pm-ish launch. There will then be L2 and L3 trips Trips running from Pavilion beach . from 1:00 to @ 5:00PM

Float plan can be determined by the group size , weather & conditions that day .

Check for details and weather updates on the trips in the Trips forum

Please RSVP in the calendar posting ("I'm attending" box) or send PM to Peter Brady (PeterB on the message board)

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