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Saturday 7/11 - Lanes Cove - Annisquam - Wingaersheek - Level 3-


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Saturday 7/11-Lanes Cove - Annisquam - Wingaersheek

High Tide 11:45, winds 10-15 midday from the south. Feeling lazy but want to paddle.

Anyone for launching at 10 AM from Lanes Cove (I usually use the boat ramp all the way around to the right against the sea wall). Heading west along the coast, explore some of the Annisquam , go over to Wingaersheek and return or go a bit further. Maybe 10-12 miles but not more? Moderate pace. CAM. We all work together.

Guess it might be 3- depending on the wind and how much of the Annisquam we explore.

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