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Newburyport to Plum Island


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This area (Newburyport to Plum a Island) is a very nice paddle and under normal conditions not a big deal unless you are returning back to NEWBURYPORT as 10 of 11 of us did yesterday with 30mph headwinds and higher gusts. It was a tad squirmy at the mouth and the sand bar on the Plum Island side. We left one person behind on Plum Island to be picked up later as she didn't have the strength or confidence to deal with the slog back.

It was a really nice paddle with plenty of adrenaline pumping conditions after Fridays storm. Typically, this venue is very easy and Plum Island kayak often takes novices to view the seals on the rocks just before the jetty. We saw a dozen or so there yesterday.

As Rob mentioned in another post, avoiding the channel as much as possible is prudent of course and especially dangerous on the rivers north jetty. It's not against the law to cross the channel as he mentioned he over heard someone saying but if it can be avoided on normal busy days between the jetties, everyone will be happier.

The boat traffic there yesterday was sparse so we had the river mostly to ourselves with the exception of numerous shoreline fishermen. Good times were had by all.



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