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1.  After a visit to Owls Head Light, Kyle and I were game for an extended paddle back to Lobster Bouy Campground. We left the group, rounded the NE tip of Sheep I., and paddled southerly ~1M before arriving here:

KyleMuscle.thumb.JPG.aceeffafb7ea2fb368db6b6454335452.JPG   1932069085_NavExer1.thumb.png.e757101c78b3776b192958a137b13efc.png

1.    What is the small island behind the nun @ 187° mag? Marblehead

2.    What is the island to left, and what bearing in line with the tip of Kyle’s bow? Fisherman; 164° mag





2. The long sandbar and beachside roses lured me in for a look-see of the campsite on Georgehead I., Stonington.

GeorgeHead.thumb.png.1364baaaad11c15a7037d5101cefa903.png  627645308_StoningtonS.thumb.png.9dcae512fcf94f73ed6e590baf1d6992.png

1.    What island is circled, at a bearing of  93.5° mag? Ram

2.    Name the islands at the pink, blue, and black arrows, respectively?  A good application of the “rule of hues.”   Spruce, Bare, St. Helena 




3. On a trip throuth the Muscle Ridge archipelago, I spy the “target” on Sprucehead I. through my high-powered binoculars, @ 280° mag.

From my position, a bearing to Two Bush Light reads 208° mag. Using TRIANGULATION, locate my GPS position.  


1932069085_NavExer1.thumb.png.e757101c78b3776b192958a137b13efc.pngend of “Pile” on chart; 44.0008°, -69.0630°/ 44°.00.049’, -69°.03.781’





4. On our safari to VHeaven, we stopped on ______ I., climbed  the hill, and enjoyed the view and lunch. Rob wondered what island he was (purple) tethered to.


I shot a bearing to the island mid-point; it read 204° mag.

1.    Name the island he is tethered to. SheepSheep

2.    Name the green, black, yellow, and orange-arrowed landforms. Bald, Eagle, Grass Ledge, Fling

42002647_Buttercopy.thumb.png.3738d3446210cee56d1ea5b97364c533.pngBald, Eagle, Grass Ledge, Fling






5. On a solo trip to Muscongus Bay many years ago, this lowly-experienced paddler awaited the seas to flatten a bit before crossing to Thief to camp for the night. My compass reads 215° mag to the center of Thief I.

Thief.thumb.png.042b8c9a3624b803718c059adc37daff.png      1600825835_Thiefcopy.thumb.png.9e7b0adcee9e00906a808debc31a1f2b.png

1.    Where am I (GPS waypoint)? SW point of Cow;  43.9585°, -69.3957°/43°57.508’, -69°23.742’

2.    What island is to the left, and what is my bearing to there?  Wreck-200° mag

3.    What is the distance to Thief I.? ~1.83M


Answers can be revealed by highlighting space following questions (white lettering). 1



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These are good ones, Gary.  # 4 Butter Island took me a while, but I finally got them all.  #3 you are on the western tip of Andrews.  I got the rest of them, but I think you've already answered them in white. I checked to make sure I agreed with you and I did. It's fun looking at the chart and reminiscing.

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