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  1. Hi We're two New York City based paddlers who are in the Gouldsboro and Dryer Bay areas for a week and were hoping for some recommendations of favorite day trips. We were also hoping to explore the Acadia and Bar Harbor area too (and are happy to drive an hour or so for a good paddle in other areas as well). We are used to paddling in tidal conditions on the Hudson but would appreciate any other recommendations as well. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi I just got a Surf and I was wondering if anyone knew which keyhole size I should get for a Reed skirt since the NDK keyhole size (Keyhole B) that Reed suggests is listed for the Explorer and Romany classic and the Surf has a bigger cockpit. Does Keyhole B still fit for the Surf or do people go with another size? Many thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks to everyone for all of this wise and sound advice. The prior owner I believe was slighter than me but we removed all the foam he had added. I'm not sure if maybe the seat was raised up a little bit; it was a factory seat and I think glassed in, though now not entirely sure about this. It could also be that older Explorers have a slightly tighter fit -- since it sounds like several of you are about same size and don't really have any problems with the thigh grips. With a regular Romany, I've found I fit, though a little tightly, with a thinner foam seat but it maybe my thighs (or posterior) might be generous enough that I should look to try out a Surf and pad it out a little bit if need be. Curious how Surfs handle in comparison to regular Romany and with Explorers -- especially for someone around my weight. I occasionally do interval training and so have found I sometimes top out the hull speed on the regular Romany, creating a pretty sizable bow wake, but of course when doing any longer trips or in rough water this wouldn't really be an issue.
  4. Hi I tried an older NDK Explorer model over the weekend with and found the cockpit's thigh grips too tight was on my legs. I'm 5'8, 180 and so the rest of the boat fit and felt great--sitting nicely in the water and really having a great sense of balance--but it seems like the factory seat, which was a bit more forward than I would have liked, raised my legs up enough that there was no space between them and the thigh grips. The seller recommended taking out the seat but of course I would have to do that after I purchase the kayak and so wondered how others with thick thighs have handled this? Do most just opt for a Surf or an Explorer HV? It seems like if took out seat I would gain an inch or two in height and could likely move the seat back two or three inches too I like the extra speed that comes with the Explorers (I find I sometimes reach the max speed in a Romany too quickly) and so wasn't sure if it was worth trying to figure out how to make the Explorer cockpit work a bit better or perhaps look for a different boat?
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