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  1. Planning to spot a car on each leg. Thanks, all, for the resource suggestions and the campground tip!
  2. So I'm starting to plan an adventure... an adventure that won't start until September at the earliest (to give me time to get my rolling and rescue skills up to snuff, and oh yeah, that quarantine thing) and which will then continue over several years.... I want to paddle the whole coast of Maine, in order, south to north. It seems like one of the very hardest things to plan is the very beginning. I'm happy to do most of the stuff south of Portland as day trips, but still, that first day... do you have to go all the way from Portsmouth to Wells, or is there any way to break that up?? The MITA app doesn't show any intermediary takeouts. On a really calm day, I could do that full distance, but it would be nice to not have to commit to that. Any advice from people who know the area would be much appreciated! Also, in the meantime, if there are any fellow NH residents looking to get out for a socially-distant paddle, hit me up!
  3. Canceling due to lack of interest. Hope to meet some of you some other time soon!
  4. I'm new here, so I figured what better way to introduce myself than to propose a trip, right? When: September 28th. Hit the water at 11 AM. Where: Great Bay, NH. Put in at Chapman's Landing launch on the Squamscott River in Stratham. I'm planning on keeping the trip to a Level 2 and paddling about 10 miles. We'd optimally go out and explore the bay, but as a backup plan could go up the Squamscott instead - TBD based on the wind. Pack a lunch and we can search out a picnic spot somewhere!
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