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  1. Thanks everyone. I did cast off from lunch but calmed it at rice. Waves were a lot heavier than expected
  2. So Im gonna make the call that I will be starting at 9 am at lynch park and going to misery with a small hike on the island. The above picture shows where to park and the sand beach we will depart from.
  3. My thought is somewhat early Saturday. Maybe 9 o’clock? staying closer to the coast I’m less worried about swells and welcome a small challenge. Im fine with modifying the route as well though I don’t remember the cast of from lynch being that muddy. There is a small sand beach on the back right of the parking lot to leave from
  4. My thought is somewhat early Saturday. I need to look at the tide charts but also defer to those who have more experience staying closer to the coast I’m less worried about swells and welcome a small challenge.
  5. One of the members mentioned I did not mention a date. I apologize I was posting on my work break. My thought was this Saturday and a rain date of this Sunday.
  6. Hello, I am a relatively new kayaker. I have been to some of the trainings in Hamilton. I would like to finish my season with a run to Misery Island with a small hike We would Leave from Lynch Park which should be about 2.5 miles each way. Should be free as it is after labor day If you are interested let me know and I will devise a more elaborate plan. This should be a level 2-3 trip as we will hug the coast and only go about a mile out to get to Misery
  7. sorry should have clarified. Im hoping to get into at least level 3 kayaking so somewhat rough waters. I have a perception 14.5 Carolina poly kayak. I was kayaking in Winnepesauke this weekend and even that I noted needed some sort of skirt as the water gets rough with any winds.
  8. Hello, I got a lot of suggestions on getting a spray skirt last week. I was hoping you could provide some brands or models under 100$. Perception has a 99$ skirt I may get if its less than some other brand thats recommended.Still needed to get some measurements.
  9. Also I can put my boat on my rack by myself so land is not an issue. I have taken it on and off my car and dragged it a good 100 yards
  10. thanks. Im hoping to join a meetup in Hamilton in next few weeks and maybe there can assess. I think from experience I am a solid L2 paddler though with my new yak I may be a bit faster.
  11. Hello, I am looking into joining this group as I live in the north shore and it seems like you have tons of trips to join. I have been kayaking for years but just recently purchased my own kayak. I have a 14.5 Perception Carolina touring kayak. Its very good in the rivers and lakes and I have taken in along the coast in the ocean. I do have a couple concerns. 1. Its very heavy (50 lb) and so if I flip its very hard to correct (hopefully easier in a group + I bought a bilge pump) 2. Speed versus fiberglass or lighter kayaks. I have decent endurance and it seems rather fast but being a bit heavier Im worried of being left in the dust So Im curious if people on the group have similar style kayaks as I do or if most everyone has specialized sea kayaks. Im a little new to evaluating the equipment so any guidance is appreciated.
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