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  1. Hi Jim, Pricing will be the safe from any dealer or the Lendal site, in some circumstances there are sales. The benefit of purchasing from a dealer is that you can try before you buy and receive dealer support. Once I have my demo paddles we can setup a time for you to try them out! Depending on what paddle you currently use there are some similarity in the feel of the paddle. For instance I find the cadence and cadence x to be similar to the werner shuna, very light but stiff feeling with solid purchase on each stroke. I find the storm to be similar if you mixed the cyprus and ikelos together. The storm has a large blade, however it is not a shoulder killer like some of the other paddles with larger blades. It also feels extremely light and buoyant.
  2. Sea Kayak New England has officially become a Lendal NA dealer! If you haven't been able to try a Lendal paddle we will soon have a demo fleet of paddles in a range of sizes including the Cadence, Cadence X and the Storm. One of the many benefit of a Lendal paddle is there paddelok ferrule system that creates a strong and dependable connection. The system also allows you to extend the paddle to different lengths with a range of feathering. The shaft on Lendal paddles also offers a unique indexing on their shaft that makes that paddle feel extremely comfortable in your hand. Anytime you remove your hand from the shaft its almost as if your hands instinctively grab the ergonomic grips. If you would like to take a look at Lendals offering here is a link to there website: https://lendalna.com/paddles/ I know some folks including Andy and Joe have really enjoyed their Lendal paddles! With the current lead times it appears that it will be about 8-12 weeks before paddles are delivered. If you may be interested in ordering a paddle I will be putting in a order on December 1st, this means that at the longest current lead time it will deliver sometime in the beginning of April, just in time for spring!
  3. I will say that I barely ever use my trailer since it’s generally inconvenient unless carrying boats for a group or setting up a shuttle.
  4. I have a Malone MicroSport that has been great over the years!
  5. FYI, in some cases Kokatat will replace the suit regardless of if you are the "original owner". Recently a student of mine purchased a second hand suit at a thrift store, sent it in for refurbishing and got back a brand new suit.
  6. FYI, I have tried this with really no success. I think there's a reason they cut the footage right after they put it on.
  7. Looking to rehome my P&H Cetus MV. I have had this boat for the past few years but haven't been using it much lately. It a phenomenal boat that is perfect for fast cruising, long distances and camping. The boats build includes the expedition layup which adds extra reinforcements. The boat also comes with deck compass and paddle britches for your spare paddles. The boat is a red deck, light grey hull and white seam, keel strip and deck logo! The boat also has a custom foamed bulk head! The boat is in overall great shape, one small repair was made on the hull and on the bow. A few spider cracks which sis normal in composite boats. If you would like pictures please message or email me at contact @ seakayaknewengland dot com. Price $2800
  8. Still a few spots remaining. This will be a great course if your interested in getting some experience playing in rocks, surf and waves!
  9. We will begin taking appointment for September starting today. However please keep in mind it is getting harder to give accurate estimates for something months away due to the constant price increases we are seeing. We have seen over the past year a nearly 20% price increase in materials. At this time our labor rates are not changing but the material cost is. If you are in need of repairs we are releasing 3 slots for every moth until November.
  10. Depending on the current skeg box it is possible to install a cable skeg. However it could get pretty costly. If you are interested in having it done professionally I have some time in August.
  11. We've had a few requests for a one day coastal play workshop lately, so without further ado we have setup just that four June 26th! This one day course will focus on harnessing the power of the ocean for your enjoyment, whether it be surf, current or rockplay we will focus on boat control, maneuvering, safety/rescues and much more. We are keeping the class size small so do not delay! Sign up here: https://checkout.square.site/merchant/QFA7T1E4CSPDS/checkout/NYLQH4GQYZUZ2KV62ESVREXL or Check out our website: https://www.seakayaknewengland.com/workshopschedule
  12. Join Sea Kayak New England LLC and Todd Johnstone-Wright of Synaptic Sport LLC for a weekend of whitewater kayaking designed to take your sea kayaking skills into a different environment. Todd will be showing us the ropes on some of his local waters in southern Vermont. This course is a great introduction to white water boating that is aimed at increasing your understanding of strokes, reading water, and paddling in dynamic environments. For those unfamiliar with Todd he is an adventure sports coach and educator who has worked in outdoor pursuits for over 25 years. Todd owns Synaptic Sport LLC., a consulting group serving sports coaches, adventure sport coaches, and educators. At his core, Todd is a teacher, instructor, and coach whose focus is on creating highly differentiated and fun learning experiences for any ability level, both on and off the water. He is one of only four North Americans to successfully assess as a British Canoe Union (BCU) Level 5 Coach Sea, and one of three to complete the British Canoeing (BC) Level 4 Coaching Diploma. In addition, he is a BC Coach Educator, Safety and Rescue Provider and Leadership Provider, an American Canoe Association (ACA) Level 5 Advanced Open Water Instructor Trainer Educator, and an ACA Level 4 Whitewater Instructor Trainer. Todd serves as an instructor and instructor educator for SOLO Wilderness Medicine; where he works with diverse groups to include, components of the armed forces. Additionally, Todd has earned Master’s Degrees in Education from Saint Michael's College, Performance Coaching from the University of Stirling, Scotland. He also holds awards in the ski, climbing, and mountain bicycling disciplines. He is a team paddler for P&H Kayak and an ambassador for Northwest River Supply (NRS). Kayaking and adventure sport have afforded Todd the opportunity to paddle, climb, ride and ski throughout North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. He feels it’s a privilege to be present whenever and wherever learning is happening. Time: Three Days Price: $480, this includes a sport specific whitewater paddle and boat
  13. What are the pictures being used for?
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