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Found 3 results

  1. Despite the disappointingly high number of 11th-hour cancellations and "no-shows", we managed to have the grandest time anyway. Early Friday arrivers Greg, Yong, Sandy, Christian, Marcy, Barbara and I enjoyed the always-pleasant trip to Dix, most of us opting for the 25-minute stroll around the perimeter path, before weaving around the ledges and islets in the quiet archipelago. An unanticipated octagonal "STOP" sign planted in one of the rocky ledges halted our progress to another beach break, so we opted for the direct course back to the campground, aided by the 10kn tailwind and swells. Back at the group site we were happy to find Cath, Marty, Andy, and Pat setting up for the pot-luck, which delivered, as always, an exceptional array of culinary delights, to the backdrop of a rising full moon No gill was left unfilled, and we retired early, without a fire to watch, or a worry to tend to. Day 2 was a clone of Friday, and 9 of us headed to Port Clyde to partake of Kyle's trip to the beautiful island chain SWerly. Using the lee of the islands when possible, we paddled close to Hupper, Teal, Stone, Seavey, McGee/Barter (between), and Thompson, before landing at the nice, partially protected MITA beach at _______. After lunch and sunbath we hopped over to _______ to stretch our legs during a short hike. Winds had apparently abated, so the group opted to straight-shot it to Hupper, via Shag Ledges. The smaller group of Marty, Sandy, Stu, Barbara, and Greg opted for a trip to Tenants. Word on the street is that they didn't quite make it, opting for playing in the mud (X2?) instead. Five of the group went to the "Waterworks" eatery, others dined by streetlight at camp, and still others left town. By Sunday am, all campers were sent packing by the SCA, which failed to materialize. Thanks to ALL who came out to play-I thoroughly enjoyed the time together! Link to other pix: http://www.meetup.com/Southern-Maine-Sea-Kayaking-Network/events/233766121/ gary
  2. Level 3 trip that especially welcomes new kayak campers, and a reunion for those of us who don't see each other often enough. Here's a great opportunity for you paddlers who would like to try kayak-camping without the pesky bugs (beware of ticks!). This will be the 8th annual trip to Jewell, which has 2 large side-by-side campsites and a latrine. We typically have 12-15 or so paddlers, but an upper limit has not been established. The Common Adventure Model (CAM) will be adopted The SUGGESTED itinerary is as follows: FRIDAY: Arrive at _____ (multiple launch site options, with each pod working out details privately or on NSPN Message Board under "trips") on Friday, May 20, in plenty of time for a 10:30am launch (HT-1119). If you are new to kayak camping, you may need extra time packing your boat, so plan on arriving no later than 0900. SATURDAY: Agenda TBD-bring your ideas for a day paddle or island activities (HT-1157). Prior trips have included Whaleboat/Little Whaleboat, Potts Harbor, Greens, Eagle, Great Diamond geocaching, Jewell's WW1 and WW2 military installations, and general camaraderie/gourmet foods around the camp fire. SUNDAY: Back to cars via ???? (HT-1233). If you would like to join this group of friendly paddlers, or have any questions about this trip or camping in general, post here. When you can commit, please PM the following information to your specific pod organizer: -Auto color, make, model, and tag# (If Cousins Island please register details with Yarmouth PD). -Contact info, including cell, Es, H,W phone, emergency contact and permission to share with participants. gary
  3. Early reminder for those who need to secure the weekend for the best fun to be had, anywhere. Some may decide to linger into Memorial Day (Mon). See details on NSPN calendar. gary
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