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    Jun 19, 2021

    The Annual Solstice Paddle Returns!!
    Time: Ready to launch 9:30am, back for potluck by 4:00pm
    Trips: We typically have a large group that breaks into separate pods based on experience and goals for the day.  Based on a cooperative group concept, trips will not have assigned leaders, but instead will call on the skills and leadership within each group as needed or designated.  The shortest and easiest trip will be a Level 2 group (along with experienced leaders), a moderate trip will be Level 3, and the most ambitious group will be Level 4.  The actual trip parameters will be based on weather, sea conditions, and participants, so breakout discussions will occur as information becomes available.
    PPPO: Tradition calls for a Post-Paddle-Pig-Out, where we all meet for a pot-luck gathering and share tales of the day,  catch up with those we haven't seen lately, and make new friends.  Although we have usually held the paddling trip out of Riverhead Beach, then crossed the street to picnic benches at Devereux, the benches were removed last year and parking severely restricted, both physically and financially.  I am waiting for the Parks & Recreation department to provide an update, and a reconsideration of this location may be necessary - please stay tuned.
    Requirements: Please note that this is a sea kayaking trip, so boats appropriate for the ocean are required.  I loosely define this as a boat with integral flotation front and rear (or added for skin-on-frame kayaks), deck lines around the majority of the perimeter, and cockpit coaming that accepts a spray skirt.  PFD's are required, as well as appropriate safety gear for your level of experience.  If you are unsure about your equipment or experience, feel free to reach out on the forum or directly to me for answers.
    Participants: This trip is open to all active NSPN members (please email [email protected] if you have any issues), regardless of experience.  Please be honest with your trip level selection, and be prepared for a possible adjustment based on group makeup.  If you are unsure about what trip level to list, don't hesitate to ask.
    Registration: Please POST TO THE TRIP THREAD (click this link) if you plan to attend, and indicate what trip level you might be interested, with the understanding that you are not committing to a particular trip, but just gives us an idea of what the general size of the different groups might look like.  Any additional information about what you might like to get out of the day could also help us determine pod designations as well.  also, if you would like to share what you might bring to the pot luck, that is always nice, too.

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