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    Mar 04, 2023 06:00 PM      08:00 PM

    Pool sessions at the Haverhill High School for the 2023 winter season are now available for purchase in the Store.  These sessions are offered as a benefit to paid members of NSPN, and therefore are only available to active members. If you are experiencing any issues with your membership, please email treasurer@NSPN.org and we will work as quickly as possible to resolve it.  As in years past, we are required to have insurance in order to use the pool facilities, so we are using the ACA club insurance program again. You need to sign the online ACA Liability Waiver for 2023 here.
    Each pool session spot will cost $30, but if you are not an ACA member, you will need to pay the additional $10 ACA Event Fee per session.  You can become an ACA member by signing up here and selecting North Shore Paddlers Network from the Paddle America Clubs drop-down list.  The annual membership fee is $40, which will be "paid back" in only four pool sessions since there is no Event Fee for ACA members.
    These sessions are a great way to keep existing skills active over the cold winter months or work on new skills for the upcoming paddling season.  Although NSPN does not offer official instruction, many members are willing to offer whatever assistance they can while they are at the pool.  However, if you would like to pay for professional instruction, you can seek out an instructor directly, either from NSPN members (some of who are actually certified!) or from other professional instructors.  If the instructor will have a boat in the pool, they will need a pool session spot purchased.  If they are only going to instruct from the poolside, then they do not need a spot.  Regardless, all attendees (whether in the pool or instructing poolside) MUST have signed an online ACA Waiver and paid the $10 Event Fee if they are not an ACA member. 
    Pool sessions can only be purchased through the Store using PayPal for payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can do a one-time transaction through PayPal using a credit card without creating a PayPal account, or create an account instantly if you choose. It is very easy to do, but if you have trouble, email treasurer@NSPN.org or Private Message me and I will help you out.
    Please follow these instructions for pool session purchases:
    Click on this link to go to the list of pool session dates (or access them through the Store link in the blue top banner on the message board) Choose the pool session date that you want to attend and click Add To Cart If you are not an ACA member, you must Add To Cart the $10 Event Fee, otherwise Add To Cart the ACA Active Member In the next window, don't worry about the Associate This Package option and just click Add To Cart again If you would like to add another pool session, click on Continue Shopping, otherwise skip to Step #8 Select Pool Sessions from the Product Categories list on the left Repeat steps #2-#4 for each pool session you want to add (you must add the $10 event fee to each session if not an ACA member) When you are ready to pay for your selections, click Checkout and then Confirm My Order. You will be taken to PayPal to pay for your order. We cannot issue any refunds unless the pool facility closes due to inclement weather or other reasons. If you are unable to attend a pool session after purchase and would like to let someone else purchase the session from you, you must make those arrangements on your own. We will try to post a reminder for each session to which you can look for someone to purchase your slot, or start a new posting if you choose.  They must have signed the online ACA waiver, and pay the $10 Event Fee if required.

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