How to Sign Up For NSPN CAM Trips

Some NSPN CAM trip initiators may require an RSVP.  Reasons for this include:

  • Allowing the Trip Initiator to determine if there is sufficient interest.
  • Helping participants assess if the level of the trip is appropriate for their skill level.
  • Providing a way to communicate last minute changes.

In addition, the Trip Initiator may limit the number of participants for a particular trip due to limited parking and the challenge of managing large groups on the water.

Standard RSVP Information

The simplest way to RSVP is to write out the following information and save it for future trips. Then, when you need to email a trip initiator, all you have to do is copy and paste. It is most helpful if all of this information is included in the first email you send to the trip initiator.


If an RSVP is required for the trip, email the following information to the specified Trip Initiator.

1)  Your Name;

2)  a description of your boat (color, length, make);

3)  an emergency contact for the day of the trip (name and phone#);

4)  a way for the Trip Initiator to contact you in the 36 hours before the trip (email and telephone)

5)  your car make, model, color, license plate

6)  if the Trip Initiator does not already know you, include your “paddling resume”, i.e., a brief description of your paddling experience. This can include recent NSPN trips you have been on, members you regularly paddle with, classes taken, practice sessions attended, assessments completed, etc. It need not be more than a few sentences.