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Concord-Assabet-Sudbury River Paddle Sunday 10/20


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I am looking to get on the water for the first time since my surgery, and have permission to paddle on quiet water. The confluence of the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord rivers is a neat spot to launch from since it gives three options for different paddling:

- The Assabet is a twisting, narrow river that as an increasing current as you head upriver, but may be too shallow right now to make a good run (water levels are very low right now).

- The Sudbury is a more gentle river with some wide open spaces for wildlife peeping and leads to Fairhaven Bay - a misnomer for us ocean paddlers as it is not an actual bay, but does offer a lake-like feel.

- The Concord is the most famous of the three with the Old North Bridge just a third mile from the put-in, however is downstream and does require paddling back against a ferocious 0.25 (probably not even) knot current.

This area is one of the primary spots that got Cathy and I started in kayaking, and we haven't been back in a couple of years, so it would be nice to see it again. This time of year tends to be the best since you can get morning fog


as well as see some local wildlife


Post here if there is any interest in joining us for a very quiet Sunday paddle.

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I am cancelling this trip for various reasons, but am looking to paddle next Saturday, either river or quiet ocean. See posting for trip on Saturday 10/26.

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