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CAM on-water session Marblehead Harbor 6/2/13


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After an online discussion of clothing appropriate to a hot day on cool water - where lots of immersion was planned - nine of us (eventually joined by a tenth on the water) set out, mostly in dry suits, for a fun day of rescue and towing practice, as well as experiencing the challenges of keeping a group together on a day that became increasingly windy and choppy. We practiced trying to stay together to do a crossing at the head of Marblehead Harbor with a fair amount of boat traffic and a southerly wind roaring up from our launch spot. We pretty much didn't succeed at this endeavor (communication challenges in conditions, varying speeds of paddlers, boat control issues, unclear understanding at outset of exactly where we were heading, large group size etc etc) - but had a really good de-briefing once we had made it across - without getting run over by any boats, although some of us (me) came closer than others. It really was very instructive in this CAM session to experience in real-time and real conditions some of the challenges of paddling as a group. I'm sure all of us will be aware of lessons learned as we set out on future trips.

Thanks to Scott for organizing, Rick K for showing up to help out, and everyone else who shared the day, pulling each other out of the drink and towing and being towed.


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It was an excellent session yesterday. Great review of towing, rescues, channel crossing, and general leadership skills. Thanks to Scott, Peter, and Rick.

- Bob

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