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First aid /CPR needed?

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I need to update my first aid/cpr soon. I have an instructor lined up and want to know if there is interest by others in a class? It would be in or near Rochester NH as the instructor is Rochester FD. Most likely on a weekend.

If anyone knows of a first aid cpr class that I can get into near the NH seacoast that would be great also.

Have done the 2 day SOLO so that's not an option.

Post or mail me at psylatmetrocastdotnet



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I am attending the SOLO WFAA at Osprey in June and would like the CPR certification to go along with it. Timing might be an issue for a group training as this is looking to be a busy season for many, but if we can make it work, let's give it a shot. Paul, did you have a date in mind or is it still open-ended?

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When I did the solo wfa, cpr was included. Have you checked?

I do not have a date yet. Just know what days do not work and am waiting to hear from the instructor.

If this falls through I know another instructor near Boston that might be able to do it. That would be closer for some...

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Hi Paul.

Check American Heart Association for CPR classes in your area. Their course is excellent and the certification is good for two years as opposed to Red Cross, which is only one.

We did our CPR through an American Heart Association affiliate known as "Just Minutes Away", which -- and I know this is no good for you -- is here on the North Shore. However, check with local hospitals, too, to see if they're offering anything available to the public.

Deb Millar

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Yes I get the AHA.

When I got stuck a few years back the local hospital gave me the name of an instructor that they use. He ran it last time and I am trying to use him again. He is a full time fireman/ rescue type so his time is funky.

I'll look up Just minutes away since I don't mind a little drive if the timing works.

Really surprised that it is not easier to find. Several times my company paid instructors to come in and do a group. That was nice, easy and paid but in Nashua...but years ago.

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For what it's worth, I have had WFA, but I took the AHA classes recently to keep my certification current for a couple months until I can take a WFR course.

Never again. The First Aid. "Class" was just a 3 hour video, with no skills at all, and all geared towards workplace accidents. It was boring, useless, and a waste of time and money. The CPR course was much better, but I wouldn't recommend the FA class to anyone.

Do yourself a favor, and find a WFA course from SOLO or WMA.


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I took the 2 day solo class a few years ago. Very good and everyone should get one...Right now I can't commit two days to go over stuff I already know. The FA class is as you stated but needed to keep the certs...Review is always good for me..

Not all solo classes cover kayaking.

Many of the BCU and ACA classes and tests I have taken covered many aspects of medical emergencies on the water.

It does seem some want to push to online classes.

The local hospital just mailed me back and they have you do an online course and then come in and do a demo for them to get your cert....

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second pauls thoughts - solo WFA / WFR is fantastic but the classes take a couple of days or a week depending and i don't have that kind of time right now.

Did the WFA few years back...it was excellent and while it wasn't kayak specific it certainly gave you a great overview of what you might encounter in a wilderness situation...seem to remember DON'T MAKE IT WORSE and IMMEDIATE EVAC as a couple of overriding themes.

to stay current on my certs though, a FA/CPR cert is a FA/CPR - it's an either you have it or you don't and if i can maintain that in a single days class as opposed to a 2 day or a week long class, then that's the one i'm going with right now.

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The latest: The is a cpr/ fa instructor in Greenland NH that runs classes called Coastal CPR.

Just heard back from her and with a 4 person minimum we can run a class at $75 each.

Dates she could do are Sat 5/4 sun 5/26 sun 6/9 sat 6/15 sundays are afternoon classes

5/26 is Memorial weekend........out

Are there 4 or more that want to commit? Either day works for me....sooner the better due to summer coming.


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