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New to the (North) shores


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unsure where to exactly introduce myself so please move this post to the proper forum if needed.

I recently moved to Gloucester, MA, enrolled on this board to keep myself current and well informed, didn't want to look like a lurker not posting / all reading only :) .

Exploring the mesmerizing Cape Ann coastline by foot, car and bicycle makes me uneasy.

I just can't wait to wet my 10 years old P&H Capella (which seems to match the actual 167 specs) to better enjoy such beautiful scenery.

I am fairly new to this activity; moderate skills, minimal gear, little time to do what I like the most which

is nothing but gently cruising the big blue's avenues.

hope to interact more (once I finally settle on Fish-Town) and perhaps to enjoy some quality paddling time in the company of many of you.

thank you


a.k.a. "Pancho"

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Hello and welcome to the area and NSPN! Get a chance to go over the paddling level ratings to get a sense of where your skills are. Then start looking at the trips that are posted now, and look for future trips as well.

We tend to be very safety conscious, so please review the equipment lists as well. We don't. expect people to rush out on a massive shopping trip, but some trips will have minimum equipment requirements.

Also, we urge all new (and existing) members to attend the soon (hopefully) to be announced CAM seminars and on-water sessions. They are extremely educational.

Look foward to seeing you on the water!

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Hello Enrique,


Don't get to freaked out by the equipment lists; this will be my 4th year with my own boat and I have about 75% of the gear required... Shhhh...

Looking forward to seeing you on the water,

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