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Spring tide, Nantucket Sound


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So, I did a quick rust-buster today on Nantucket Sound. Water temp 38, Air temp - same. North wind about 10 kts. I paddled along the shore and turned up the Herring River. OK, nothing terribly interesting about that, right?

Well, when I got to the bird sanctuary at the top of the estuary, it was amazing - highest high tide I've ever seen in the marsh - all the channels were flooded out, and except for the occasional tuft of marsh grass sticking up, it was completely flooded. Amazing! And...flocks of crows, the occasional heron ....all of this with gray clouds quickly scudding across the sky.

It was great to get out after all that dang snow we had - quite liberating, in fact. The only (minor) downside is that it revealed all the stuff I need to do to my gear - tighten up the deck lines, get my neck gasket fixed, fix the gel-coat dings etc etc. But, even that's good - identify all this stuff early on, and by April, maybe start to hit the groove.

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Nice. It's impressive how a big tide can change the landscape. One trip out the north river it had been blowing from the NE for a few days coupled with a big spring tide. The normally confined meandering channel was gone and the marshes were covered by a foot or more of water. Made a nice straight paddle out to the surf.



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