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A wonderful, solo Sunday...


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Last Sunday was beautiful, with a westerly blowing (15kt? strengthening) and I found myself on Essex Bay, with the intention of seeing what was happening off Conomo Point.

Inside the island (whose name I always forget) that lies right off Conomo, conditions can sometimes be half-decent, when the tide is on the flood. Well, I timed it just right and the wind was making what waves there were stand up (no, not at attention -- many were falling over, if you follow me) and they were just getting better and better, I had a grand time! This is not <tough> water by other standards; but it was plenty of fun (2'-3' for sure), surfing and rolling.

At one point, a foot-peg came adrift, so I put ashore to rectifiy the situation and a solitary woman, sunning herself, saw me landing and called out "Hard core!" with a big grin on her face.

I was paddling the little black (fun) boat that has lived on top of my car for (hm hm!) some weeks (months?). I believe it used to belong to me; but not sure about that, now: the memory is going (it's my age)! I forget where it is <supposed> to be; but no one has called me on it...

Suzanne, do <you> remember this boat, by any chance -- or does Werner? I daresay it is time to return it to its legal owners? (Tell "himself" he needs to fix that left footpeg, won't you?) ;^)

It was a splendid day on the water -- and I saw almost no one else out there. The water is still quite un-cold for this late in October.

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