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Boston daytrip recommendations?


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Hello neighbors to the south. I've got a day to kill in Boston next Thursday, and maybe Friday morning too. I'll have my Delphin with me, so I'm wondering what are some good paddling spots close to East Cambridge. Despite growing up in Belmont, and doing extensive sailing in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay during grad school, I don't have a paddler's knowledge of put-ins, landings, and good play spots. I'll be alone (unless others are interested in joining), so nothing too crazy, but a little light surf on a friendly shore line would work. Nahant? Nantaskett? Or a tour of the outer harbor islands? Remind me which you can land on? The Brewsters, etc. Stuff out beyond Georges and Gallop.

Or feel free to make suggestions aside from the stuff I've mentioned above.



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I don't know Cambridge very well but I interviewed at one of the taller office buildings a few years ago and you could launch from their parking lot into the Charles. For outer harbour you want to go to Deer Island, you can land on any outer harbour island but watch for channels and boats - especially high speed ferries. For inner harbour you want City Point, there are islands you are not supposed land on there and storied destinations like Hayman's/Hangman's Island.

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