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Sea Snips -- expensive and cheap


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Ever since my fawncy Sea Snips took a dive, I've been dreading laying out $25+ for a new pair. Now I know why.

I think these guys are buying these or these smaller ones and marking them up 500-1000% (with $0.75 worth of "holster").

Or, now I see something similar here for $13 plus who-knows-what for shipping.

Anyway, I just got a pair of the titanium-bonded ones by Clauss from Amazon for $8 and no shipping (with Amazon Prime), and they claim to be "3 times stronger than plain stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion." I'll letcha know how they hold up, but truth to tell, my original expensive Sea Snips corroded pretty badly after a season or two, so they may be happier on the bottom. But hey, I can still use the holster.


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David, in that last link you provided, I see (if you scroll down somewhat) that someone else is selling stainless steel ones for less than $2! Perhaps they come without the holster -- I cannot remember what I paid for mine; but it wasn't much. The world is full of sharks, isn't it?

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Christopher -- I see a 5-inch pair for $4, but nothing under that. I got one of those, and they are probably just as effective for kayaking purposes -- cutting an untensed tow line that threatens to entangle you -- as the usual 7-inch models.

So bottom line, I guess that the price barrier on these items has long since been busted -- I was years out of date and fretting unnecessarily. They are a nice, cheap knife alternative which won't spread peanut butter or slice an apple, but then again, won't slice your jugular either.

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