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Essex River Race Results 5/14/11


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This year in preparation for the Essex race, I looked over prior racing results of the competitors in the Fast Sea Kayak (FSK) class. It was clear that I couldn’t win, but would most likely place third (or, with a lot of luck, place second). So my tactical plan was to stay near to Ralph Abeale (the presumptive second place winner) for most of the race. At some point I would try to out-sprint him to the finish line. And that’s exactly what I did. That’s the good news. But it didn’t happen exactly as I had planned.

Before I made my move to sprint ahead of Ralph, I noticed that Lisa (Lhuntington in NSPN-ese) had already passed me (way off to my starboard side). So now, my revised plan was to quickly overtake this speeding cowgirl as soon as possible, and in so doing, hopefully pass Ralph as a bonus. I gained a little ground (water?) on Lisa but she was relentless and kept plowing along with her nearly perfect wing stroke. However, I did get way ahead of Ralph while chasing Lisa.

The bad news is that Lisa beat me to the finish line. No, actually this is better news for me: Lisa finally beat her racing coach (me). I am proud and satisfied with this result.

Lisa came in first for women and second overall in the FSK category. I came in second for men (my best hope) and third if you count Lisa (which of course I do).

Congratulations Lisa!! You avenged your big loss to me from last years Essex River Race and a smaller loss in the Blackburn Challenge. But don’t count on beating me to the finish line next time at the Blackburn. I’ve been studying your forward stroke (which is better than what I tried to teach you) and I’ll try to replicate it with more muscle next time I compete against you.


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Ah, yes, first out of a class of one. Got to get more women in the Fast Sea Kayak class!

Ah, yes, you were the only woman competitor in the FSK class. But you bested Pam Browning, and all the other women, in the Sea Kayak (SK) class. Beating Pam is a significant achievement in itself. Pam is a nationally ranked racer. For example, she came in first in her race at the 2010 USCA National Canoe and Kayak Championships. And, as noted before, Saturday you came in second against all the FSK men paddlers (all with purportedly faster boats than your QCC600X). That’s no small achievement for someone who recently started to race a kayak. Congratulations again, Lisa!
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...you bested Pam Browning...

Not true, Leon, sorry! I guess we should take this offline, but I don't want to leave this as is for the world (including Pam, maybe) to see :-). Pam started 2 min. ahead, being in a class with somewhat shorter boats. I caught up with her, it's true, but she never let me pass her, though I tried, tried, tried, for the better part of 2 miles. Once she saw the danger she never let it happen. Maybe she was kickin' back a bit before that, being so far in front of her class, but when she wanted the speed she just reached for it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for even being able to almost keep up with Pam. I just don't want to overstate it! I know if we had matching waterlines there would be no contest.


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