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wind speed versus current ?


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Just came off Great Bay. Pretty windy from the NE somewhere around 15mph.

With the tide ebbing It made for some chop...or you could say the Bay worked up some froth. No surprise there and it made for some lively paddling.

The wind easily pushed me against the ebb from Adams Point to Moody Point ( statement somewhat simplified.)

So my question...

Is there a formula or general rule of thumb that says something like wind 10 mph over comes 1 mph ebb

20 mph wind over comes 2 mph ebb...(without really getting into the anticipated height of waves)

Just something somewhat generic would be fine....


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What I've heard is that 15 kt wind in the face will push a kayak backwards at 1kt, ~25 kt wind will push a kayak at 2 kt. Clearly would depend on the cross-sectional area of the paddler and boat, which is bigger for some than others. B)


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