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Plum Island Sound


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Don't know if this of interest to anybody but I had good luck paddling the "sound" today.

Riding the tide from Pavillion Beach, there was open water up to where the Parker River joins in and up the river a short ways to the new bridge.

Had good luck seeing various waterfowl, bufflehead ducks and this and that. One very cooperative Long Tail Duck (which I guess is a name change from Oldsquaw duck)

Saw a couple of Harbor seals back there soaking up the sun, but once again it was the Snowy Owl that was the highlight of the afternoon (or at least shared it with the seals). The Owl was in the same spot as last winter so it's tempting to think it's the same owl but that might just be wishful thinking.

Noticed a fellow paddling a kayak with an outrigger when I was 1st putting in and paddled intermittenly with him during the afternoon.


it was a hybrid kayak he had built...he had it set up with an electric trolling motor...plus a regular gas motor...apparently in the warmer months he sets it up for sailing.


he had it set up so he had a... heated cockpit !!

Pretty clever fellow turns out he teaches at one of the local colleges.

Nice day to be on the water.

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...the Snowy Owl...

A year or two we saw one at the end of a large magnifier whist ambling about Plum Island. Hopefully they are multiplying.

Would like to see that again. Used to spot them in my "in town" yard, way back when I first moved to Ipswich in 2001. They've been gone (from my yard) for at least 6 years. Maybe I'll do that trip in Feb. or March if we have a warm spell.

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Feb and March should hopefully make for longer days and some nice milder weather...

I've been having good luck with the highest of tides, starting to learn my way around in some sections that are new to me.

Some of the wildlife viewing depends on how cold it is up north, but it's always nice to look around and see what might be out and about.

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