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Great Pond Skills, Kingston, NH


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May 12 and then every other Tuesday evening at 5:30 until dark. All are welcome to join. The water is still cold so drysuits and wetsuits are recommended. Tuesday nights are "informal" skills sessions. You can work on whatever you choose. You can ask for help from the experienced paddlers there, or offer something up that we all might learn from....you don't have to be an expert kayaker to share experience. (I actually learned to roll successfully from someone who had only paddled twice, but he could see my problem because he had read some books!)

You should have at a minimum:



PFD (which you must wear and zip when on the water with us)

Paddle float


Wet or Drysuit (until at least mid-May)

Directions to Great Pond:

Great Pond is located in Kingston, NH

We launch at the State Boat Ramp on Main St. in Kingston. (do not park within 15 ft of the fire hydrant..$50 fine that is sometimes enforced)

Main St is located one block off the intersection of Rte 125 and Rte 111 West in Kingston, NH. The boat ramp is about 1/4 mile down Main St on the left.

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Do these go all season or is it just a Spring thing?



On the alternating weeks when we are NOT at Great Pond, we'll be at Seabrook Harbor, NH for an ocean skills session throughout the summer into Sept.

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