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Kayak Frenzy

Bill Gwynn

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Well, here it is Friday night. I know I should go to bed and get a good nights sleep. I also know that once I do go to bed I will start to think about tomorrows paddle. I get my self all worked up into a Kayak Frenzy. I think about that perfect roll that I still can't do, or that sculling brace I've been working on at the skills sessions. Eventually I will fall asleep, but inevitably I will wake up at like 5:30 am, and know I should try to get a little more sleep, but also know that it's not going to happen because i'm in a Kayak Frenzy. I Love this sport.

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Both of you are funny as it is raining so hard that your kayaks will be full of water before you can get your skirts on. Well look on the bright side(next Saturday the sun will be out) you will have a rare opportunity to practice paddling with your boats half full of fresh water while paddling in the Ocean. I would of said on the Ocean but with the terrential down pours we are having I think you will be more in than on.

I'll bring the sun at 3:00P. M. when I arrive. So just hang in there.Sorry hanging is surfing slang. I should of said brace up.


Impex Serenity

Orange /White

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LOL, I was in a Frenzy this morning, but after a relaxing day in and around Marblehead with my wife, I'm felling much better now. It was pretty windy, so we didn't go too far, but it was nice just to be on the water.

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