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Knight & Foote Rolling Class Thurseday 7-22


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Can anyone provide directions from Essex to Lake Cochituate, Wayland, MA to were the rolling classes are? How is parking? Is there any fee?

Were do we meet instructors Knight & Foote? Classes start at 5:30 P.M.. How early are participants getting there? If there is any other information anyone whom has taken this class has to offer please provide. I'd like to be well prepared. I've been watching the tape "The Kayak Roll" and practicing the drills in it.


Impex Serenity


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All of the Knight and Foote classes this coming week meet at Lake Cochituate, North Pond. It is very easy to get to from the Mass Pike Exit 13. The directions are under put-ins on the NSPN home page. See Natick, Massachusetts.

The class will start promptly at 5:30. You should be there in time to unload your boat and gear and be ready to go at 5:30. It sounds like the preparation you are doing for this class will be just fine. As this is a weekday evening class, you should prepare for evening rush hour traffic in determining what time to leave home.

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Here are the directions,

[http://www.nspn.org/play-put-ins.html] near the bottom of the page.

Plenty of parking and it's free.

You won't have any problems finding the instructors, It's not that big of an area.

You should be ready to go at 5:30, so you should probably plan on arriving around 5.

As you know the traffic on 128 can be horrendous, all it takes is one tire changer to mess things up, so plan accordingly.

I haven't taken Karen and Bob's rolling class, but I did take their strokes class last month. They are excellent instructors, and I'm sure you will have a great class.

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As registrar, I should have sent out the e-mails confirming all details before today. By now, all 36 people in all four classes have received directions and info. E-mail me directly if you didn't get your confirmation.



suzanne dot pritchett at comcast dot net

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