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Paging Mike Crouse: Canon zr 800


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Hey Adam

First off I have never shot with a Canon ZR800, I've only used the Canon GL-2 and some of the older Sony Models, like the trv-27.

I can't believe you're picking up tape motor noise! Has the camera always done this?

I've had good luck using a sony wireless LAV mic (model ??-99) it cost around $100 and of course since it worked so well Sony stopped making it. If the Canon has a mini 1/8" jack any mic should work. You could use a wired or wireless lav mic. If you can't mic the person speaking (ie: they're rolling a kayak) you may have to get creative have someone else speak while the demonstration happens. They should sell a shotgun mic that clips to the hot shoe attachment on the camera, that may be the easiest way to fix this problem.

e-mail with your #, or call me if you still have mine, it might be easier to talk through this in real time

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