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Rolling with eyes wide open


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Since the last two post topics had to do with rolling one way or another I thought I'd pass along the following: Many coaches believe that watching the outboard paddle not only helps the novice to orient the blade correctly but has the added benefit of reminding the learner to keep his head down until the roll is over. If you watch the outboard blade you wind up tucking your chin into your outboard shoulder. Swim goggles are recommended for those who don't want the sting of salt water or even chlorine in a pool. But what are prescription glasses wearers to do? Swim goggles with correction. Concord Optical ordered me a pair based upon my prescription. They don't correct for astigmatism or even for the highest diopters. In my case I'm a -10 and these only go up to -8. I can still see well enough to almost drive with them though. Their quality made and cost only $35.00. UV protection and they don't fog. When's the last time you've seen a bargain like this?

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