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It's official!


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Kevin and Gillian were wed on Sunday, the 9th of September, in Northeast Harbor, Maine. Family and friends enjoyed a beautiful setting and much wonderful food and drink (and drink, and ....) while watching these two "tie the knot" (believed to be a full bliss hitch.) The place was loaded with cameras, so I am sure there will be many postings including my own in a day or so.



Congratulations to K&G!


Oh yeah, there was also much kayaking, but that's a different story....

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Congrats!!! B) B) B)

Haven't seen you guys in forever. Hope you had (and are having) a blast!!!

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Congratulations on your new life as Husband and Wife! Check out a small selection of digital pics of your wonderful day in the gallery!

(G & K, you'll be getting the high res versions as soon as we develop the rest of them!)

P.S... If anyone has photos they'd like me to add to this "Match Made in Kayaks" album, let me know...

(Photos of the Symposium to come soon too!)

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thanks everyone!!!!! we're looking at triton colors as we speak :) that will be the true test of our marriage! :)

Nah, you guys are too advanced for the Triton... check out a Nelo tandem. Anyway, congrats and best wishes for a long life in tandem ;-)

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