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canoe paddles for whitewater surfing


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Last month I was up by the Bonaventure River Que ...which is well known for people on expeditions of a week or more on ww. Canoes have a big traditon up there and there is even a type of canoe built with that as it's name.

Anyway were the river meets the see I watched as one windy day two fellows head out into the heavy surf chop in a canoe.

1st sitting then kneeling.

Getting pretty well blown around they beach it... one guy heads off while the canoe heads back through the surf.

Shortly the other fellow arrives with a beat up Dagger kayak that certainly had many miles on it.

The guy paddle out and surfs that thing like he's done it a thousand times.

Big difference to me was...he was using the canoe paddle...single blade ..no problem.

Ever try that or seen it done??

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