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Chinatown Pool Parking Reminder

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The Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center has an underground parking facility that will be available to those attending the 7-9 PM pool session. The garage is located on Oak St. West, between Tremont and Washington Streets. The entrance to the garage is half way on the block, directly across from the Chinatown/Wang YMCA. It has a steel drop-down gate for security. The gate is a plus as your car will have better security. The downside is that attendees of the pool session must arrive on time. The garage gate will be up between 6:15-6:30 PM and will come back down around 6:50 PM. That is the time frame to get in, unload the boat, transport down to the basement pool area, and change for the session. If you come late, you can call in, 617 635 5129, to have someone come up, open the gate and help you bring down the boat. But realize the inconvenience that this would be for your fellow attendees or spotters. So, please come on time.

I plan on attending this first session, as well as most of the following sessions, as a spotter. I am going to forward my cell number to Christopher so he can make that available to the session attendees so I can be buzzed if there are any questions/confusion around parking or directions on the day of the session. If you need directions and/or map, please refer to the homepage of our site:


As per last year, for those interested, we will walk to local restaurants and sample the various Asian cousines (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Malaysian) following the sessions.

See you Saturday!


PS. If anyone wants to work on GP techniques, I can offer what I know. Also, you can try my skin boat (or white water boats), provided you're 5'2"-5'5". Just let me know. I just replaced a broken rib and will have the boat reskinned by the next session.

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Thanks for this post, Sing. Anyone else out there wanting to participate, please contact me fast: there places open for this first Chinatown pool session -- ANYone in the club who wishes to practise their braces, sculls, rolls or even just the pleasure of sitting in their boat again in warm water, here's your chance! It does not cost an arm and a leg (on the contrary).

My email address has been posted on the general message board in the pool notification message; but here it is again: cdwg at centennialfarms potty kom. Note that I do not often get to read email on the weekend. Come on, now, folks: takers?

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