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Tall Ships Portsmouth Harbor 7/6/07


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Decided to try some fast current paddling to see the tall ships come into Portsmouth Harbor last Friday.

Here is the link to the photos:


Put in at Dover Point a couple of hours after high tide. The current zipped me down into Portsmouth Harbor in 50 minutes. The turbulence looked like white water in places, and I careened off of a small whirlpool at one point, actually changing directions slightly. Lots of fun, just don't get to close to docks and pilings. That kind of current would do a paddler and a kayak some damage.

The ships were fantastic. Prince William from Portsmouth England, at 200 feet. The Pride of Baltimore, Spirit of Bermuda, and Urania . First time 4 tall ships were in Portmouth Harbor in 100 years.

Went over to the Kittery side at the last minute to get the shots with Portsmouth in the background, instead of the Naval Yard.

After the ships went by, I fought the current to go upriver to see them docking. This just before slack tide, so it was not as bad as it would have been an hour earlier.

Tben I followed the incoming high tide back to Dover Point. Should have waited another hour, as it was much more work then the paddle into town. A good day on the water.

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