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SNG Saturday August 6, Put In, Conomo PT Essex,Ma


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We departed from the beach at Conomo Point and traveled to the sea

via Joe's Creek(AKA Walker Creek) to the Essex River into the Ipswich Bay.

We paddled along Cranes Beach playing in the surf crashing along the beach.

Bill commented on the diverse and beautifull birds that were walking the beach and nesting on its shores.

We crossed the Ipswich River to land on the tip of Plum Island to stretch.We played in the rip before landing.

After having some snacks and a strech of the legs we put in and headed for Fox Creek off the Ipswich River.

As we entered Fox Creek someone mentioned that the wooded pillings were used by the navy during WWII by PT boats as they would wait to enter the Harbor to protected it.

A little further up the Creek we past and area that we were told

was used to hide PT Boats and Submarines. The pilings and cemented area seem to be quit remote.

This Creek goes behind the Crane Estate and the carrage houses,barns and garages were viewed. No deer was seen on this trip. But the spring and fall they are said to be out.

The Creek goes under the road to the Cranes Beach and was heavily traveled as people were headed to the beach.

We came out of Fox Creek and headed toward Hog Island stopping for lunch at a rockey island in the middle of the Cranes river.

One of the paddlers had brought every possible type of Snack which we very gracously consumed.

We finished our paddle taking the back creek around Hog Island, thru the Great Bank, back out the Essex River, through the narrows, entering Joe's Creek,and landing back were we started.

Thus circumnavigating Cranes Beach. 12 Statue miles.


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