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Aleut Rain Gear for Friday's Paddle


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For the annual post-T day trip we may have SW winds. We will also likely have rain.

Ever wonder what the Aleut used since they did not have Goretex? Go to the Peabody-Essex Museum, 3rd floor, and check out the Aleut exhibit. They have a pullover shirt, long enough to attach to the cockpit, completely made out of sea lion intestine and esophagus, circa 1830.

Our own Casey Carey has repaired it twice, which involves sewing the strips together with thin (thread-diameter) strips of, yes, sea lion gut. You will have to ask her where she gets it. It seems that the proteins break down over time, faster in the "threads," so it has to be sewn back together periodically. Casey said it has an interior layer, with the seams offset so it is very nearly waterproof, and very light in weight.

Also on display are an amazing sea lion intestine and esophagus cape, of the design worn by Russian naval officers, and a 1830 model of a triple kayak - the type used for major seal hunting expeditions. The model has an interesting split bow, which helped shed waves and kept the paddlers more dry.

BTW: I'm still planning to launch out of Manchester harbor at about 10:00 AM to get to Misery at 11:00, if others are going to also. (I will do Tucks if everyone else is going there too.) I will be in a boat I am demoing (likely my Blackburn 2004 craft) and need to see how it does in a bit of wind and waves. Comparing the marine and land forecasts for Friday, the trip is looking doable, if a bit wet.

Liz N.

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Hi Guy,

Despite Marc Schlosser's best efforts to convince me that your boat, the Epic 18, is what I should paddle, I'm liking the KajakSport Viviane really a lot. I went out with Marc at Mystic this afternoon and felt really comfortable in it. If Epic could make the Endurance look like a complete sea kayak, instead of one with its bow chopped off, I'd reconsider. For now, I agree with Jed: Life is too short to paddle an ugly boat. :-))

P.S. I realize that the Epic is faster but I'm willing to sacrifice some speed to look good.

Liz N.

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