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a mellow day


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Saturday, June 7 -- After some shuffling of the personnel list (some pluses, some minuses, and the inevitable assistant trip leader with the car that won't start), Don Eva led a group of 13 out into Great Bay to explore the wilds of the region. Although beset by bugs early on, and by rain later, neither dampened the altogether pleasant and mellow paddle. Conditions were dead-flat, motorboaters were absent, and it proved to be a fine day to drift along and watch the birds. The mellow conditions made it easy to wander up to Durham, at the head of the Oyster River, where we found a shelter in the stands of a local ice-rink for lunch out of the rain. For entertainment on the last leg of the return, we watched a helicopter shatter the peace and search for some missing boaters (see thread on main board). A nice day, a good stretch to the muscles, fine company, and good eats at a local establishment (???) for the PPPO.

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