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volunteers to help kids paddle

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As some of you may know, I work as a consultant with a Boston Family and Pediatric AIDS Project. This Project provides medical and social services to HIV infected and affected women and children in Boston (primarily Dorchester and Roxbury). Many of these children never leave their neighborhoods during the summer. To help the families have a mini-vacation, the Project is having a weekend retreat at the Rolling Ridge Conference Center in North Andover, August 27--29, 2004. This Conference Center is nice with woods and open space.

At the Center, there is a lake with no swimming; however, canoes/kayaks are permitted on the lake. The Center has a number of canoes available for use by the families. But alas, the Project staff do not know how to paddle canoes or kayaks.

There will be about 40 families at the weekend retreat. As can be imagined, by paddling canoes with these families and/or showing them how to paddle a kayak would be a highlight.

The staff and I are making sure about waivers and liability issues. The date for volunteering is August 28 (Saturday). A morning or afternoon session would entail a couple of hours of your time.

Are there any club members interested in volunteering for a couple of hours on August 28? If so, reply here or my email address, lbeale at spfldcol dot edu

PS--I will organize this event with more specifics but I need to know if any club members would be interested in volunteering a couple of hours on this date before I can go further with plans.

Thanks, Les

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