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leaky bulkhead on avocet.......

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After Lisa edged the Avocet a bit to far yesterday, and ended up doing an impromptu wet exit, we discovered gallons of water in the day hatch. Upon closer inspection I noticed the sealant around the edge of the bulkhead is leaking, what is the proper sealant to replace this with and will I be ok just cleaning the area and going over the old stuff???

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My understanding is bulkheads on the RM Avocet were "welded" and a good repair shop/dealer might be able to "reweld" it as opposed to simply using a sealant. Somewhere I got the idea the wires used to "weld" the bulkheads are left in the boat for potential future use. I may well be totally wrong about that.

In any event 3M 5200 is a good product to fix a leaky seam or glue anything to a hull/bulkhead and an easier solution I suspect.

RM Avocet hatches are typically not as waterproof as the ones on Valley composite boats and a spoonful or two is not unusual, but in my experience the bulkheads on both are normally quite waterproof.

Ed Lawson

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