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Congratulations to the current crop of 2007 NSPN Trip Leaders!

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who successfully passed the 2007 NSPN/ACA TLT course held over this past weekend:

Ross Bartosik

Kevin Beckwith

Mary Bennet

Peter Brady

Bob Clarke

Dave Duncanson

Deb Ducanson

Jason Kates

Gillian Kirstel

Rick Lutes

Lisa MacDougall

Walter Mears

Deb Millar

This group of hardy souls enjoyed two intense but enjoyable days of wet, wet weather with plenty of rescue practice in nice cold water. Good people, good practice and good times. Congrats and let the trips begin!

For those who perhaps want to take the course but for whatever reason could not make it for this weekend, we are more than willing to have it offered again. We would need a minimum number of people, so please email directly with your interest and availability. It would be great if we could offer it again before the end of June!

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Wow! Congrats! Someday (year?) I hope to qualify.

So who's going to help David Lewis (besides me) with the Tuesday Mystic Lakes sessions?

For some reason they're not posted yet. Temp's up to mid 60s last week (although 55 Sat), so it's ready!

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