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IPSWICH POOL May 19 Three spots left. Spotters needed.

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Hi, I am new to the group and fairly new to the world of kayaking. I would like a spot at this pool session. What do I need to provide you with? I haven't gotten my emailed membership number yet.



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Hi Shaila,

If you have signed up for membership, ask Cathy Foley for a confirmation by e-mail, and send a printout with your check. The fee is $20 for members. We also need your phone #, emergency contact name and phone #, and the make, model and color of your boat.

I'll pencil you in for now. Your spot will be confirmed when your check arrives.

Send it to me at 50 Coffin St, West Newbury, MA 01985

All the details are on the calendar.

The pool is warm but most people wear at least a shorty wetsuit for paddling. It's good to show up a bit early, as we rinse the boats off before bringing them into the pool, per the YMCA's request.

Hope to see you there,


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Hi Shaila;

Welcome to NSPN. Another pool session to try and make is the upcoming May 12th in Beverly. This seesion is devoted to people that are new to kayaking. Lots of boats to try, lots of help getting started or refining what you know.

Check the calendar for more info. We look forward to seeing you in one or both pools.


P&H Capella 163

Red/White/Black trim

NDK Explorer


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Glad you had such a good time, Cathy!

Just a quick heads up (you may already be all set, but just in case)...Keep in mind that last week's "Beginner's" pool session was specially organized so that there would be equipment available to borrow if you needed it...

If you need to borrow equipment again, this is a good place to post to see if someone can lend you stuff. Also If you miss this one, there's the last beverly pool session the following saturday that I believe has lots of room as of now.

To register you may also need to check the RSVP email address for this event on the calendar, just in case Rob doesn't see this post right away.

I'm signed up for Ipswich, hope to see you there!!!!


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If the pool session gets full I would be glad to give up my pool slot to someone that needs to pool time. Rolling in ME was warm enough for me.


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