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dog seeks loving owner/sorry for non-kayak post


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Let me appologize for posting non-kayaking info, but my friend Cindy just sent me this upsetting email... Do you know any dog-people looking for a new friend? Maybe if you print it out and pass it around work someone might know of someone. I guess the dog is pretty distraught, and being babysat by the owner's sister in his own home until someone is found to adopt him. He's been described as a "poodle-lap dog in a german shepherd's body"...

Thanks for any help you can offer...


dog seeks loving owner

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Date: 2006-07-31, 6:54PM EDT

My dad recently passed away and his 6 yr. old pure bred male German Shepherd is looking for a loving home. He is gentle dog who would do well with an older person. My dad was 79 yrs old with a bad heart who had both legs amputated and had no problem caring for him. He is the type of dog who will follow you from room to room and just lay on the floor quietly while you eat, watch tv, etc. He has beautiful markings. As far as his personality, he is a big baby who is looking for plenty of love and affection. He is happy to sit outside all day tied up with his dog house (even in the winter) as long as he can come in at night to sleep. He is house trained. He probably wouldn't do well in a home with cats. He may or may not get along with another dog depending on the other dog. If you know anyone who would be interested please have them call 978-874-0510 or 617-767-6062. Thanks!

The dog is currently in the Westminster Area

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