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Micro foam forming


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Yup, the Sure-form is the primary tool. For quick removal, a wirewheel on a drill or grinder does a nice rough cut. Dragonskin for smoothing it up in the final stages.

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I have been using a long fish filleting knife. The blade is very flexible and can be held in a curve for carving hollows with a saw-like action. It needs to be sharpened frequently on a sheet of 180 grit sandpaper, but it does the rough cuts very quickly.

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For cutting, I use a band saw and a variety of "dollar store" knives. A flexible blade (fillet knife) is useful for curved cuts and rigid blades are best for straight cuts. For shaping, I primarily use this Stanley Surform tool which is available for under $5 at hardware stores and home centers:



Pulling it straight across the surface hogs off material pretty quickly, but using angled strokes creates smoother, finer cuts. If you want a suede-like surface on the foam, I find that 150 grit drywall sanding screens work better than sandpaper for fine surfacing of Minicel foam.

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