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Does anyone know this boat?

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Hello all:

I was headed north on Rt. 128 at about 6:00 PM on July 8 when I was passed by a very attractive what appeared to be stitch and glue kayak on top of a generic modern Japanese sedan.

The boat was single chined, white hull with stained and varnished deck. Stem and stern were nearly plumb, with very little sweep up in the bow. Much more the flavor of an olympic boat than a child of Greenland. The bottom panels showed a fairly extreme twist where they blended in to the stems.

There was a fair bit of deadrise amidships but the second panels were relatively narrow keeping the deck quite low.

The boat was fairly narrow, perhaps 21 inches at the gunnells.

I tried to keep up so I could yell at the driver but they moved pretty immediatly into the extreme left lane and kicked it up to over 80 at which point I gave up.

I thought I saw the car in the distance still heading north going through Wakefield.

I'm just writting in the hopes that the owner might be a habituant of this message board, I'm very curious about the design.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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