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I Wasn't Drinking


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I think I saw a dolphin or porpoise jump and never reappear about 1/2 mile out from Folly Point Rockpoint (I was about 200 yards away). Is this possible?

My guess is it was small (< 5 feet long). Paddled out to the location and saw sea gulls and terns pecking at a dying dogfish (looked like a fisherman sliced through its head).

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There are several species in this area. I seen some while sailing in Boston Harbor and on whale watching trips, so it certainly would be possible. It would have surface to breathe at regular intervals after you saw the jump, but those would be hard to see unless you were looking in the right dirction at the right time.

Ralph Cohn

Elaho DS, blue & white with yellow trim

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It may have been a harbor porpoise -- we have them and atlantic white sided dolphins around, but the harbor porpoises are little and less showy -- not always jumping in the air to breathe, and they aren't always in a big group like we think of dolphins. I had the Aquarium pick one up to study that I came across on the beach one time. It was pretty small, like maybe four feet. I guess they get killed by people and boats a lot.


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