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Odiorne State Park to Rye Harbor Trip 6-22-24

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Trip Report June 22, 2024 Odiorne State Park - Rye Harbor


Trip Co-Leaders: Janet & Bill

Group: Fred, Stephanie, Prudence, Bridie, Joe, Jim, Krishna & David


Forecast: 1-2’ short period waves, 5-10 kn NE winds.

Actual Conditions: 1-2’ short period waves with plenty of wind chop, 10+ kn ne winds.


We launched with the objective of easing into the paddle crossing Little Harbor to the breakwater looking forward to a paddle south to Rye Harbor. Janet quickly assessed the group and stronger than expected wind conditions such that by the time we reached the inner edge of the breakwater, it was clearly time for Plan B.


Plan B; Face the fresh breeze for 1 nm or roughly a 30 minute slog to Wood Island, seeking protection from the wind from Gerrish Island, continuing counter clockwise passing Kittery Point then up Back Channel to Prescott Park for lunch and up the Northward Channel back to our launch point.  Conditions  again didn’t support this plan.  After 15 minutes it was clear, that although beautiful, and a welcome change from weeks of flat calm conditions, the slog to Wood Island was not going to be worth it, as the combination of wind & current was churning up a confused wind chop that significantly slowed forward progress. Time for a new plan.


Plan C; We were now adjacent to Great Island Common, where an easily identifiable landmark to re-route to was Fort Point Lighthouse, roughly 1/2 nm due North.  Luckily there was not a lot of boat traffic so rounding the Point was uneventful. Fred lead us along the south edge of Portsmouth Harbor along the northern side of Pierce Island.  We hauled out at the small beach at the edge of Sheafe Warehouse at Prescott Park to enjoy a relaxing lunch.  Once satiated we got underway again heading SE past the State Fishing Pier to the northern side of Leachs Island, under the bridge, past Wentworth Marina and back to Ordiorne State Park.


I would like to express my gratitude to Janet and the other experience leaders with us for their support and guidance through my first day trip in a leadership role.



Edited by William Doucet
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