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Monday Cool Off - Ordione to Rye Harbor

Bob H

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Monday's forecast called for light winds, low waves, sunshine with some clouds later, so we headed to Portsmouth/Rye to beat the heat at home.

We parked at the Ordione Point Boat Launch at 400 Ocean Blvd, Rye - $4 fee per person (seniors are free) where there are 3 clean porta potties and a paved boat ramp (except at 2 hours ether side of low tide)

Greenheads were out, but not biting yet as we unloaded and got ready. After answering some questions from a first time paddle boarder, we were off.  

As we cleared the breakwater at Jaffrey Point we were met with almost flat seas. After watching a fishing boat pulling in their nets of fish, we headed off to Rye Harbor.

As we passed Wallis Sands beach we noticed how crowded it was, but next door at Pirate Cove beach, it was almost empty.  Also started seeing a fair amount of jelly fish in the water. Chatted with a couple lobsterman pulling traps and enjoyed the views of the ocean floor with the calm clear water.

Entering Rye Harbor we chatted with a young man fishing off the point before making our way to the docks to check out the boats - a few nice sailboats are moored there. We then made our way back to the sandy beach just inside the breakwater, right below the State Park picnic benches. Appreciated the rest rooms with flush toilets and hot running water that they have there.

After lunch we packed up the boats and started the trip back to Little Harbor. Jelly fish were all gone (rising tide), but we did see the same two lobsterman still at it. Very little boat traffic, lots of birds, and a couple paddle boarders along the shore. Back in Little Harbor we cooled off by practicing bracing skills before heading back to the boat ramp and car.

What is normally a level 3 paddle was more like a level 1 except for the distance of 12 miles. Only real wave, if you want to play, were around the many rocks along the trip as the tide came in.







Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 17-45-31 Topo Maps Trail Maps and Satellite Imagery.png

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